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27 Jun - 10 Reasons to Join Us at Freehand Miami


A friend just booked a room at Freehand Miami, you should too! Here’s why…

We’ll start with the obvious…

1// We’re in Miami, #$%&! It’s true, and the 305 is like a 20-something’s paradise. There’s stereotypical Miami, and then there’s our Miami. We’ll help you get to know it.

2// Two blocks from the beach. Not crowded and super sandy, just the way we like it. Swimsuit? Check.

3// The Broken Shaker. Our favorite bar and home to an ever-changing menu filled with some fine, fresh cocktails. You’ve probably heard things, but tasting is believing!

4// Digs like these. Private rooms for the solo artists and shared rooms for the social butterflies. Plus, a pretty sweet bungalow.

5// Our backyard oasis. Kicking back, hanging with friends, dominating some board games and drinking aforementioned Broken Shaker cocktails (or beer). This is known as doing Miami, Freehand Miami style.

The not so obvious…

6// These bikes. Good lookin’ cruisers, ideal for exploring the island.

7// The Indian Creek Drive Inn. Aka movie night! Every Sunday under the stars right in the backyard, served with a food and drink menu inspired by the evening’s flick.

8// Jumbo Jenga, no explanation needed. And bocce and ping pong.

9// Group specials. You know, just in case you want to bring the whole crew. And that’s perfectly okay with us.

10// One big, long endless summer. 24/7, 365.