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10 Nov - 2 Year Anniversary: 27 Restaurant


On November 23rd, 2014, 27 Restaurant & Bar opened its doors to Freehand Miami. On this November 23rd, we will celebrate the 2-year anniversary of this wonderfully delicious addition to the Freehand Family. Before you join us for our anniversary celebration, get a taste of how 27 Restaurant & Bar came to be a hot spot for innovative cuisine in Miami.

The conceptual inspiration for the house at Indian Creek is a modern take on Gertrude Stein’s 1920s Paris home where artists of all types (including Hemingway, Picasso and Matisse) came to collaborate creatively and enjoy nighttime dinner parties. Gertrude Stein was described as “the grandmother of the lost generation,” she was known to be a fun, welcoming host to all of her guests. 27 Restaurant & Bar holds that same spirit today—it serves as a trendy, hangout spot where creatives of all types can bond over delicious food and drinks. Being inside the restaurant has a similar vibe to being in your mother’s or grandmother’s house with all your friends. 

The communal atmosphere of 27 Restaurant & Bar can be felt in every nook and cranny of the place. From the shared dining arrangements, cozy counter overlooking the Broken Shaker, to the laid back team approach of our staff — at 27 Restaurant, you’ll always feel at home. (And you’ll always be bumpin’ to great music).  

With nearly all ingredients sourced from our on-site garden and local waters, we’re able to add a touch of fresh, Freehand Miami love to every dish — whether that’s with a dash of Caribbean flavor, Latin American spice, Middle Eastern kicks, Jewish classics or good ol’ American home style cooking. Our drink options are pretty impressive too . We offer fresh & flavorful, non-alcoholic beverages that guests can craft themselves by choosing characteristics and ingredients from our menu. We match those goodies with boozy signature cocktails like the Back Seat Lover and the 88th Street Julep shaken up by expert mixologists.

So check out our menu, grab your friends and get a taste of Freehand Living at 27 Restaurant & Bar with Freehand Miami! We can’t wait to kick it with you.