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Nick van Tiel

Broken Shaker Specials: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Gin


We like gin. We hope you do too. We also like facts.

Last week, our friend Nick van Tiel from Plymouth Gin dropped by The Broken Shaker to lay down the knowledge about this deliciously refreshing spirit. The next time you’re sipping on a Negroni with friends, feel free to bring them up in conversation…

Fact 1) Genever, the name of the original Dutch and Belgian variety, originates from the French word for juniper berries. The English eventually shortened the name to gin when they started making their own.

Fact 2) The term “proof” comes from a fabled test of gin’s alcoholic potency. Supposedly, you could spill it on gunpowder aboard a ship and the powder would still ignite.

Fact 3) The boat on the Plymouth label is the Mayflower because the men who sailed on it spent their last night before departure in what would eventually become the Plymouth distillery.

Fact 4) Beefeater is the only international brand of London Dry gin still actually made in London.

Fact 5) To be considered real gin, juniper must be the most predominant botanical flavor in the distillation.

Thirsty for more? (Of course). Be on the lookout for new gin cocktail creations at The Broken Shaker.