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Be Well & Be Loved


It’s no surprise that love fills the air during the month of February. But before you make moves to fall in love with someone else, check these tips to fall in love with your health:


Matcha Green Tea

Did you know that Matcha Green Tea, while loaded with caffeine (three times more than traditional tea, to be exact) is loaded with l-theanine, which actually produces a calm, relaxed feeling? Zen buddhists associate the feeling with meditation, and have been using Matcha for centuries. Start your day with a cup of Matcha instead of your usual coffee and get that same alertness, with a side of relaxation and antioxidants. Be sure to hit up Cafecito for a cup of our very own!


Super Food, Super You

Meat isn’t the only muscle-building protein — in fact, certain plants are fully loaded with proteins and other nutrients that will leave you feeling amazing. At Freehand Miami, all of our herbs and veggies come from the garden in our backyard. From our grilled collard green salads to our falafel, seasonal Bloody Mary’s and fresh-squeezed juices — when you dine (or drink) with us, you’ll always get the freshest stuff out there.


Photo by: @yellabella


People have been practicing yoga for over 5,000 years. The benefits of yoga are so widespread, it absolutely won’t go away anytime soon. From increased flexibility, muscle strength & tone and overall better state of mind, this meditative work-out rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. At Freehand, we always embrace those good vibes — that’s why we host yoga twice a week, on the beach. We start our weeks with #MantraMonday, where we vinyasa with the waves. On Saturdays, we hit the beach for a morning sesh where we salute the sun. Grab your mat & your positive energy and Namaste with us!



You’ve heard the saying before, “You must love yourself before you can love others.” Appreciating your self-worth is one of the most important and underrated aspects of life. At Freehand Miami, we’re all about community and togetherness. From the moment you book with us (our social booking lets you get to know other guests before you arrive), to your first brunch at our communal tables at 27 Restaurant & Bar, even after you leave, you’ll be given the chance to fall in love with good people and more importantly, yourself. So make Valentine’s Day extra special this year and spread the love with us at dinner! Our communal-style dining was created to welcome everyone — regardless of whether you’re going solo or with your main squeeze.