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7 Feb - February Horoscope by Yarusha Jimenez

It’s officially Aquarius season! February starts off with a lot of unexpected twists and turns. A new cycle is upon us and we are being pushed forward. Jupiter moves direct and life begins to move at a faster pace. On January 17th Mercury will retrograde till March 10th. This is a time to reconnect, revisit, and reevaluate certain aspects of your life. Slow down and surrender to this retrograde energy. Best to go with the flow than fight what is. The universe is communicating with you in a deeper more internal way. You are being directed to look at certain parts of your life that a readjustment . Allow this process to realign and guide you. This Mercury retrograde is designed to up level you in many ways. The signs most affected by the retrograde will be Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, Gemini, and Virgo.

Aries & Aries rising- February lights up your 11th house of social interactions. Friendships, groups and community activities play an active role for you this month. Mercury goes retrograde on the 17th and you may find yourself revisiting old friendships and or engaging with people from your past. This retrograde is asking you to reevaluate any friendships or groups you are part of. Do you feel you are connected with your soul tribe? Do your friendships support your unique and creative self? Networking is encouraged now.

Taurus & Taurus rising- February activates your 10th house. The focus is on your work, career, authority figures, and your life mission. Uranus the ruling planet of Aquarius is in your sign for the next 7 years. Liberation and freedom are becoming a stronger theme in your life. This energy can also bring unexpected surprises. The Mercury retrograde on January 17th is asking you to revisit and reevaluate your professional life. If you can wait, for the retrograde to be over before making any big decisions involving your career that would be ideal. Allow information to piece together so when the retrograde is over you will have a clear perspective. The 10th house also has to do with your higher purpose and what you can contribute to society. You may have sudden realizations about your calling.

Gemini & Gemini Rising- This month your 9th house of travel, spirituality, higher learning , and expansion are being activated. Writing and publishing are highlighted now. The Mercury retrograde on January 17th could reignite a desire involving traveling. Perhaps there was a trip you wanted to plan but somehow forgot. Higher education and deepening your spirituality is available to you. Finishing any studies or courses could prove to be liberating. This transit is about expanding your mindset and broadening your perspective.

Cancer & Cancer rising- February lights up your 8th house. This is a multifaceted area that has to do with joint finances, inheritances, shared money, lotto winnings, debts and loans. On a deeper level this transit focuses on deep transformation, healing, and your own psychology. The Mercury retrograde on January 17th is giving you the opportunity to revisit old traumas while releasing emotional pain. You may have a stronger awareness of your psychological patterns now. This can bring your in touch with your shadow and allow a deeper healing to take place.

Leo & Leo rising- Your 7th house of one on one relationships is activated this month. This includes business partnerships and friendships. The Mercury retrograde on January 17th may have your revisiting old relationship issues . It is common for people from past relationships to resurface in your life during the retrograde. This is a great time to reevaluate all your relationships. How are you showing up in your partnerships? Are they healthy for you ? Do you need to put more effort in your relationships? The universe is making you focus on this area of your life so you can make any important adjustments. It’s best to wait for the retrograde to pass before making any big decisions in regards to your personal relationships. The relationship with yourself is being mirrored back to you by others in a more internal way. This can prove to be quite eye opening and bring you a new awareness.

Virgo & Virgo rising- This month will light up your 6th house of work, health, and self care. Your ruler Mercury goes retrograde on January 17th until March 10th. It’s important for you to be aware of this transit as you may not feel yourself. Pay extra attention to the details when it comes to work. It’s a great time to re visit and rethink ways you can utilize your time better and improve your routine. Your health and relationship with your body need attention now. Exercise could come back into the picture this month. Old work issues may resurface, or you may busier than usual with your job. Connecting to some sort of spiritual or mediation practice is beneficial for you now.

Libra & Libra rising- February activates your 5th house of creative expression. You are being guided to reconnect with your heart center. The 5th house is about having fun and allowing yourself to connect with your inner child. Romance and children are also highlighted now. This Mercury retrograde on January 17th is leading you back to your inner life force. Have you been in touch with your creative spirit? Do you feel excited about life? Returning to your own child like innocence will allow you to feel rejuvenated. Let yourself explore creative activities that have called to you in the past.

Scorpio & Scorpio rising- February is redirecting you back to your family, home, and emotional well being. Now is a great time to redecorate, declutter, or reorganize your home. The Mercury retrograde on January 17th could have you reconnecting with family members, or dealing with previous family issues. This month is supporting you to go within and reconnect with your emotional body. Meditation will prove to be very helpful for you at this time. You may find yourself wanting to stay home this month and cozy up on your couch. This will be provide the relaxation you need. Home is where the heart is.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius rising- This month your 3rd house of communication is being activated. This includes emails, texts, social media activity, and short distance travel. The Mercury retrograde could affect these areas so put extra effort in creating clear communication with others. It’s good to be aware that short distance travel may be delayed during this transit. On a deeper level the retrograde is teaching you about your own communication skills. Do you need to slow down and perfect your listening skills? Are you clear and direct in what you communicate? Do you need a break from social media? The 3rd house is connected to the mind and how you think. You may find yourself more aware of your thoughts. Old thought patterns that are no longer healthy or beneficial for your growth may be more apparent now.

Capricorn & Capricorn rising- February is lighting up your 2nd house of money, income and self worth. This is a great time to focus on how you can improve you income, and revisit your relationship with money. Maybe you want to reorganize your budget, or look into your past spending patterns. There could be an increase in your income. The Mercury retrograde on January 17th is putting a light on how deserving you feel when it comes to receiving abundance. Raising your self worth will help you attract more of what you desire.

Aquarius & Aquarius rising- Happy Birthday Aquarius!! This is your month to shine. February is a potent month for transformation. The Mercury retrograde on January 17th is reconnecting you with yourself. This retrograde is giving you a bigger perspective on who you’ve been and where you want to go. Your relationships with others will also reflect back to you how you are showing up for yourself. There is a lot opportunity for growth now and you have the ability to up level different areas of your life. The Sun is in your sign giving you that extra boost you need to create more of the life you want. Set intentions for your new year and ask the Universe to communicate with you more. You’re now center stage and all eyes on you.

Pisces & Pisces rising- The Sun moves into your 12th house this month. The Mercury retrograde on January 17th gives you a deeper view of what has been hidden in your subconscious. This is a great time to tune in with yourself, rest, recharge, and recuperate. This is a month where you may want to be behind the scenes. Reconnecting with your spiritual needs is what the universe is asking of you. Pay extra attention to your dreams now. They are your messengers. Revisiting any traumas or issues that require release will be be healing. Let yourself surrender to the process. Any type of meditation or hypnosis sessions can be extra beneficial at this time. Past life work is also recommended now.