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14 Oct - Frightening Films Shot in LA

Los Angeles

Los Angeles has almost always been the epicenter for entertainment—especially the movie industry. All of LA’s glamour and glitz is easy to see on the surface, but every city has spooky under folds. The City of Angels also has a dark side, and has served as the perfect set for many classic horror films. Not only are these five horror movies filmed in LA, but each of these films show the city’s slightly ominous alter ego beneath the stardom:

1. Halloween 


Michael Myers made his first murder as a young boy on Halloween night when he killed his sister in the kitchen. After escaping the psych ward where he spent fifteen years, Myers returned to his hometown thirstier than ever for blood. Myers’ horror-filled home (pictured above) is supposed to be in the Midwest, but is actually located just past Northeast Los Angeles in South Pasadena. Although it was abandoned during filming, it was later remodeled into a business, and is still recognizable as the horrifying dwelling where Michael Meyers brutally killed his victims. Head over here on Halloween night if you’re brave enough, but be sure to look out for anyone in a mechanic’s uniform and a white mask!

2. A Nightmare on Elm Street 


This supernatural horror flick brings some of our worst nightmares to life. Shot in 1984, written and directed by Wes Craven, the film tells the terrifying story of a small town’s midnight mangler. Several teenagers in this mega-frightening movie are stalked and killed in their dreams, and thus reality, by the burnt serial killer Freddy Kreuger. The Colonial-style pad pictured above is the the home of Nancy Thompson, a girl who meets the chilling eye of Freddy Kreuger. It’s located right by Sunset Strip and is just as creepy in real life as it is on film.

3. Carrie 


Photo Cred: @justkendralopez

This old-school thriller tells the story of a not-so-normal high school girl who was bullied into using her “gift” of telekinesis to kill on prom night. After John Travolta and his buddies poured pig blood all over Carrie in a sick prank, she snapped. Farmer John in Vernon, California was the spot where Travolta and his friends retrieved that pig blood. This dreadful scene takes place in Pier Avenue Junior High School gym. Although it shut down as a school, it became Hermosa Beach Community Center and still looks freaky similar to the set of Carrie’s revengeful massacre.

4. Poltergeist 


Poltergeist plays on the universal fear of the unknown to instill sheer terror in anyone who watches it. This film shares the story of a family terrorized by supernatural evil spirits. The catch? The evil doesn’t come from just one demonic force, it comes from the multiple forces within one house—a house that attempts to swallow a family whole. The Freeling House is located in Simi Valley, just a few miles North of Los Angeles. Even after filming, it still resides in the same location, standing tall in its eerie glory.

5. The Purge


The Purge is a more recent horror film, where a dystopian America hosts a 12-hour event making all crime legal. The entire movie was shot all over Los Angeles, from Silver Lake Medical Center to 1305 Ingraham St. apartment complex and even at the notorious house in the suburbs. What makes this movie so creepy is that one minute, your neighbor could smile at you, and the next try and kill you via machete. If this thought alone doesn’t freak you out enough, visit these locations after watching the film and see how a touch of terror can change even the most normal locations forever.