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16 Jul - “The Gift” – interview with intuitive Yarusha Jimenez

If you haven’t attended one of Yarusha Jimenez’s full moon divinations here at the Freehand, you’re missing out. Jimenez is an intuitive who, along with her sister, runs Sisters of Eastwick, which offers spiritual guidance through astrological readings. If you’ve ever wanted to learn what a birth chart is, or how you can better recognize your own gifts, read on for our interview with Jimenez.

Freehand: I think humans feel most “alive” when we experience being aligned with some greater purpose. That purpose is often related to unfolding hidden parts of our character – utilizing and growing our natural gifts. Why do you think opportunities to use and access these natural gifts that sometimes we don’t even know are there, occur to some people and not others?

Yarusha Jimenez: I think everything is about timing and where you are on your journey. Some people may have to go through certain experiences that grow them into a wiser, stronger, and more responsible version of themselves before they have access to their own gifts. For some people it takes longer because they are exploring the opposite of who they really are, and this in itself gives them more appreciation for when they finally are able to understand their own super power. It’s very personal… the timeline of coming into your gifts is between you and your soul.

FH NY: Humans need purpose in order to thrive and to have hope and faith. People can spend a lifetime restlessly searching. How can a person begin the path of self discovery to find what their purpose is?

YJ: In my experience I spent so long looking outside of myself for the answers.
But after so many years of going outward, I have now realized the best place to start in self discovery is with yourself. To start with the current relationship you are having with yourself, and to be very honest about what that really looks like; listening to yourself, your body, and your intuition. Observe how you treat yourself (and others) and if you really think you are a loving partner to yourself. Asking your soul to guide you on your path and help you expand is so powerful. I’m still a work in progress…but I would start there!

FH NY : Do you know what your purpose is, and when did you realize this? Has your idea of what your purpose is evolved over time?

YJ: I didn’t always know what my purpose was, I thought I did. So, yes, it has definitely evolved over time. I believe my purpose is to stay committed to my evolution in regards to my own relationship with myself. Trusting myself enough to stand in my worth in order to create a life built on faith. Letting go of a lack mindset is work I’m doing as well. Experiencing my own inner strength, and not being afraid to live in my own power is a very personal part of why I’m here. Guiding people with astrology and the tarot. Many people are blind to their own light.

FH NY: Can you explain to our readers who are not already familiar what an astrology birth chart is? 

YJ: The astrological birth chart is based on the day, time, and place you were born. It’s a map of where all the planets and constellations were at the exact time you were born. The birth chart is like a compass, a map of what you came here to work on. It’s a blueprint created by you and your soul and it is a sacred and a deeply valuable tool to be used for your life. The birth chart can tell you so much about your past, psychological makeup, future, spiritual mission, karma, past lives, family, life lessons, gifts, luck, career, relationships.

FH NY : What did you do prior to this, and what else do you do for work/hobbies?

YJ: Before really delving into Sisters of Eastwick, I was pursued acting for a couple of years. I also studied esthetics for skin. During all these journeys, I have supported myself in the hospitality field (which is in my chart) and a lot of lessons were to be learned there.

FH NY: I met your sister, who has the same calming connective energy you do, can you tell us a bit about Sisters of Eastwick and how it came to be? And what it’s like working with a member of your family?

YJ: Sisters of Eastwick was born during a time when both my sister and I were going through our own rock bottoms. We were both single after being in long term relationships, and we were simultaneously discovering who we were outside of our relationships. At that time, my sister was getting into tarot cards and I really guided her through that experience, as I had been doing it forever. At first Sisters of Eastwick was a product line based on the tarot — but it has evolved so much and the universe has really helped guide us. Now, Sisters of Eastwick focuses on services (astrology and tarot) and in the future, we will go forward with products.

FH NY :Do you feel there is some truth to the idea that a person’s purpose is related to the very things that have caused them pain in the past? Turning pain into a gift?

YJ: Yes, I absolutely believe that a person’s pain is connected to what they came here to study, grow from, purge and heal from. I look at all my painful experiences I’ve had and see them as a masters in my own evolution. Pain is an awakener, a catalyst for deep inner transformation. Turning our own poison into medicine is what we are here to do. I’m learning that pain is not here to punish us, it’s here for us, it’s our teacher as well as a messenger. It’s our medicine. It does make you stronger and kinder, if you surrender to it.

FH NY : When did you first notice your own gifts of intuition?

YJ: I was 17 when I noticed my gifts of intuition. I was walking down the street getting ready to meet my boyfriend at the time. It was late at night, and I heard a very clear steady voice say, “Don’t go down this street.” The voice came from within me, but I could hear it outside of me. I didn’t listen. I kept walking down the street, and I ended up getting mugged. I was not hurt, but that is when I learned about this thing called Intuition. It took me many more painful lessons to finally understand that it’s my greatest gift and I should always listen to her.

FH NY : What do you enjoy most about the full moon monthly divinations at Freehand?

YJ: The Full Moon divinations at the Freehand always feel magical for me. The readers that participate are all amazing at what they do and what they are calling in and channeling. The energy in general is super special because it’s a full moon. I personally love the experience of giving readings in such a beautiful environment and introducing someone to their own astrological soul blueprint. It’s organized by the Alchemist Kitchen, and they have been incredibly supportive of my gifts, as well as those of other intuitives. The experience at The Freehand is High Vibe and super mystical.

FH NY: Can you tell us about the upcoming Capricorn divinations at Freehand on July 16th and what this full moon means?

YJ: The upcoming Capricorn Divination on July 16th is super powerful because it is actually a Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Capricorn. All Full Moons are about releasing and a culmination of energies coming together to reveal the bigger picture. The eclipse energy lasts for about 6 months and are fated celestial events. Eclipses are meant to put us on our soul’s path. This Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn has themes that are centered around subconscious fears and old programs resurfacing. This may feel emotionally intense or overwhelming but it is an opportunity to release and face our shadow. Working with an intuitive healer during full moon (especially an eclipse) is so powerful. Readings will always be stronger energetically and very often give you the information that is directed for your expansion.

FH NY : How can people set up a reading with you?

YJ : If you would like to set up a reading with me, you can go to my Etsy page, SistersofEastwick. You can also set up a reading through Instagram: @sisters_of_eastwick. My business is evolving, so expect a facelift and a new website within the next couple of months!