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8 Feb - LAdventures For Two

Los Angeles

Forget about the heart-shaped box and flowers — fall in love with adventure this Valentine’s Day. While there’s plenty of exploration to be done in Downtown Los Angeles, these five adventure dates will make your heart pound:


RushCube Zip Line

If Los Angeles’ unreal mountain scenery doesn’t give you those good feels while you fly through the sky, the healthy dose of adrenaline you’ll get from zip lining definitely will. Not to mention it’s scientifically proven that couples who choose high-intensity experiences ultimately build a stronger bond. So what are you waiting for? Get that hook-up! 


Marina Del Ray Parasailing

What’s the best way to see LA? From 800 feet in the sky above the Pacific Ocean, of course! Hop aboard, get strapped in and gently float into the sky. If you’re lucky, a dolphin or whale may show off a bit for you and bae.


iFly Indoor Skydiving

If you’re a bit wary of soaring through the sky or over the sea, but still looking for a thrill with your date, indoor skydiving is the perfect alternative. Instead of falling through the sky, float into (indoor) space! Your heart won’t be the only thing to soar when you’re at iFly Hollywood.


LA Boulder

If you haven’t heard of bouldering, you must be living under a rock. Grab your date, get out from under that rock and climb that baby! LA Boulder has 17ft walls and 11,500 ft. of sq. footing, which means the two of you can spend all day climbing — even if you stick to the easier ones.


Opaque—Dining In the Dark

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a lovely dinner for two, but instead of sticking to the typical cuisine under candlelight, why not try dining in the dark? The idea is to completely “black out” your senses, except taste and smell, so you can fully experience the flavors of your meal. Don’t worry about getting food all over the place, Opaque waiters and waitresses are highly trained to keep food off your shirt and table. Talk about a blind date, huh?