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6 Apr - Meet Bard Artist: Lukas Geronimas

New York

Lukas Geronimas is a sculptor, draftsman, and carpenter, whose works showcase a minimalist but precise aesthetic.


Name: Lukas Geronimas

Age: 37

Hometown: Toronto

Where you at now: Los Angeles

Graduation Year: 2011


If you could live in any city in the world, what would it be? Los Angeles


If you could only draw/paint in a single shade, what would it be? Black


Watercolors or paints? Pens or pencils? Watercolors and Pencils


Friends or Seinfeld? Seinfeld


Favorite museum in the U.S.?  The Barnes, Philadelphia


Favorite packaged snack? Licorice All-Sorts


Best restaurant you’ve visited in the past year?  Keens Steakhouse


What’s your guilty pleasure late-night meal?  UFO sandwich


Favorite store/boutique in New York? The Thing


Favorite landmark in New York? Pan Am Building


What’d you eat for breakfast this morning? Bagel with Cream Cheese


If you could only eat either sweet or savory the rest of your life, which would you choose and why? Savory, no reason.


Favorite activity other than art? Surfing


What was your first job? Camp Counselor


Are you a morning or night person? Both


Best ice cream flavor? Pralines n Cream


Most inspiring moment as an artist? Each One.


What is your preferred medium? Why? Ink, it’s versatile.


Which objects, people, and places do you most find inspiration in? Use Objects, Friends, and Nature.


What is your creative process like? Like everyone else’s – it combines thought and effort.


What experience (or experiences) have most defined you as an artist, and shaped your style? Places I’ve lived, people I’ve worked for, and things I’ve seen.


Do you have an art world pet peeve? References.


Who is your favorite living artist right now? I don’t have one.


What other projects are you working on besides the Freehand? A show in LA, collaborations with friends.