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17 Aug - Meet Our Friend: Amber Yothers

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Meet Freehand Friend & Blondie Fit Treats founder, Amber Yothers! Amber considers herself to be a fit foodie. When she’s not working out, she’s in the kitchen cooking or baking something healthy. Her biggest weakness is sweets, which eventually spiraled into the creation of Blondie Fit Treats. When Amber started learning more about nutrition, she began to experiment with baking things using alternative ingredients. After enough experimenting, Amber finally settled upon a diverse list of tasty treats and macros. Her favorite on the menu? The black bean brownies. When Amber isn’t in the kitchen, she enjoys boxing, rollerblading, swimming and weight lifting. Besides fitness and baking, she also hula hoop and sometimes perform with LED hula hoops. We sat down with the baking, hula hooping, fitness guru for a chat:

Freehand: What inspired you to start Blondie Fit?

Amber Yothers: I consider myself to be a fit foodie. When I am not working out, I am in the kitchen cooking or baking something healthy. My biggest weakness is sweets and thus the inspiration for BlondieFit Treats. When I started learning more about nutrition, I started experimenting and baking things with alternative ingredients (i.e. coconut oil for butter, brown rice/garbanzo/almond flour instead of white flour or sometimes no flour at all, yogurt almond milk instead of regular milk or cream, protein powder for added protein, honey or stevia instead of white sugar). After enough experimenting, I finally settled upon a diverse list of tasty treats and macros but am always up for trying new recipes.

FH: What are your favorite treats on the menu?

AY: I’m a chocolate lover, so definitely the black bean brownies! I microwave them for 10 seconds and eat them with peanut butter on top.

FH: What’s been your favorite experience since starting Blondie Fit?

AY: The entire experience of sharing my creations with people and hearing positive feedback has been great. Whether I’m sampling at a gym, farmer’s market or other local event, it is great to hear people say “Wow this tastes great! And it’s actually healthy?”

FH: So when you’re not experimenting with new recipes, how do you spend your free time? 

AY: I love to work out and enjoy weight lifting, boxing, swimming and rollerblading. I’m also an avid hula hooper so spend a good amount of time practicing with my hoops.

FH: What advice do you have for people who don’t think healthy food can taste good too?

AY: I would advise them to open their horizons. I never used to like vegetables until I started making myself eat them. Now my taste buds have completely changed and it’s really hard for me to go a day without brussel sprouts or cauliflower, my two favorites. This generation is becoming much more aware of what we put into our bodies, more than our parents before us. So with that knowledge comes great alternative foods and recipes. I love to cheat on a real piece of cake sometimes too, but if I ate it every day, I would feel like crap! It’s really about food that tastes great and makes your body feel great as well.

FH: What’s next for Blondie Fit Treats?

AY: I have been exploring the idea of renting out space in a commercial kitchen so that I can start selling my treats in local bakeries and cafes around Miami.

FH: What are your favorite restaurants in Miami?

AY: I really have 3 weaknesses when it comes to food: Tacos, Sushi and Dessert. So any restaurant that has good variations of those on the menu is a winner for me. I really don’t like fancy dishes in a lot of sauce. I’ll hold the carbs for my dessert. I think the best dessert I’ve had in Miami thus far has been a chocolate peanut butter s’mores ice cream thing at the Bazaar in SLSHakkasan is an amazing restaurant and takes second place with their sticky toffee cake. Prime 112 comes in third with their dulce de leche bread pudding and peanut butter pie.

FH: What are your favorite hangout spots in Miami?

AY: The Broken Shaker is a great spot! I also love Hyde Beach at SLSFDRRec Room and Wynwood is a really fun neighborhood. I usually bring my hula hoops to Art Walk each month.

FH: What’s one thing everyone should experience when visiting the 305?

AY: I am a huge electronic music fun (specifically Trance), so I think the best time to visit Miami is during Winter Music Conference. Aside from the craziness of Ultra, WMC offers some great pool parties and events on the beach where you can hear some great lesser known DJs and meet cool people from all over the world. For EDM lovers, it’s like Christmas.

FH: If you could hang out with anyone at The Broken Shaker, living or dead, real or imaginary, who would it be?

AY: I would have to say my Dad. He passed away in 2011, 2 years before I moved to Miami and right before I started getting into health and fitness. I would love to show him around Miami and show him everything I have accomplished.