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30 Jul - Meet Our Friend: Brian Guadagno

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Meet Raw Elements founder, Brian Guadagno! Brian has been an ocean lifeguard for 20 years and through this experiences, he’s used just about every sunscreen imaginable and was very dissatisfied their chemical components.  After making the switch to natural sunscreens it was clear that there was a need for a brand and a product that could effectively crossover and resonate with both the natural and the active consumer alike.  Brian decided to turn his kitchen into a lab and months later…he produced Raw Elements!  Raw Elements USA Sunscreen is gentle enough for use on the most sensitive skin yet meets the performance demands of the most extreme athletes.  As the only Non GMO Project Approved sunscreen in the market, they are continually seeking for pioneering ways raise consumer awareness. Learn more about Brian and Raw Elements below:

Freehand: How many attempts did it take before you perfected the Raw Elements formula?

Brian: I can’t count that high!!  It was a good 9 months working in my kitchen and that was 5 years ago.  We are continuing to improve the formulas all the time.  Just this year we switched to a new, totally recycled/sustainable zinc oxide.

What harmful chemicals should we look out for when purchasing sunscreen?

You want to avoid oxybenzone for sure.  I personally would not use any of the sunscreen chemicals found in traditional sunscreens on my body.  A big one to avoid is sprays.  Those chemicals are inhaled no matter how careful the consumer may think they are being.  When  the chemicals get inhaled into the lungs they are brought directly into the bloodstream.  Their toxic potentials are much higher when inhaled.

Where can we purchase Raw Elements sunscreen?

It can be found in about 1,200 retail outlets throughout the country – natural food stores, outdoor / surf shops, organic boutiques, Urban Outfitters, Whole Foods and at

What’s next for the Raw Elements brand?

Connecting with consumers through creativity and education while providing the safest, most functional products is our focus.

When you’re not making sustainable sunblock, what do you like to do for fun Miami?

Yoga, 3rd St. beach, finding new and exciting social outlets and spending time with friends.

Tell us one thing you think everyone should experience while visiting the 305. 

For me, it’s the beach!

Name 5 things on your travel bucket list: 

       1.Costa Rica

       2.Back to Italy

       3.More of Europe


       5. Great White Cage Dive

Tell us about a travel experience that left a lasting impression. 

Visiting Positano, Italy was an experience that blew me away.  The place is like an enigma.

If you could hang out with anyone, living or dead, at The Broken Shaker…who would it be?

Derek Jeter.  I have some stories to tell him.

What’s the most valuable advice you can give us to ensure we protect our skin this summer? 

Balance.  Get some healthy amounts of sun for Vitamin D.  Do not ever allow your skin to burn.  Overexposure to the sun/ burning is extremely bad for your body.  Use organic sunscreens with zinc oxide as the only active ingredient.. even if it’s not mine!!