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6 Aug - Meet Our Friend: Candice Galek

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Meet Bikini Luxe founder and Freehand friend, Candice Galek! Born and raised on the sunny beaches of South Florida, Candice is the ultimate bikini geek and believes the only thing better than a good cup of coffee is a great bikini. The name Bikini Luxe stems from her nickname, Bikini Geek and the short term for Luxury, which every woman wants. Inspired by her fashion finds and experiences while traveling, Candice continues to expand her passion for the effortless beach chic lifestyle into the lovely collections you see today. We caught up with the leading lady of Bikini Luxe for some Q & A:

Freehand: What inspired you to start Bikini Luxe?

Candice Galek: I have always been passionate about bikini’s and have always been an entrepreneurial spirit. I saw that there was once a niche for luxury swimwear when trying to purchase some for myself online. I found that the customer service was always less than impressionable, so I decided to start my own store and focus on customer service and delivering a product on a global scale.

FH: What, or who, are your style inspirations?

CG: Personally I like Negin Mirsalehi, her style is clean and casually chic.

FH: What’s been your favorite experience since starting Bikini Luxe?

CG: The extremely high learning curve that it takes to successfully run an online store, everything from SEO to SEM, managing employees, and keeping up with the rapid changes in the online world. Every day I have to oversee a staff here and internationally who are awake at all different hours. It feels like every day we are changing things and there is a new app to learn the ins and outs of!

FH: What’s next for Bikini Luxe?

CG: Simply stated? Global Domination one Bikini at a time

FH:  You can’t start the day without… Name 3 things. Go!

CG: Just two, a properly made Cortidito and a good Guava pastilito!

FH: What’s on your travel bucket list?

CG: Asia and Brazil for fabric sourcing and manufacturing as we make the move to depend less on vendors and create more of our own pieces.

FH: Name 5 travel essentials you never leave home without.


1. Ponds Makeup Wipes

2. Demeter Jasmine Fragrance

3. Hempz Pomegranate Moisturizer

4. YSL Rouge Volupte

5. And obviously…a bikini!

FH: When you’re not at the beach, where do you like to hang out in Miami?

CG: Anywhere that sells good coffee! Panther coffee is somewhere I have been frequently lately.

FH: What’s one thing everyone should experience when visiting the 305?

CG: Vizcaya Gardens is a must do, it’s one of the most beautiful and possibly underrated places in Miami.

FH: If you could hang out with anyone at The Broken Shaker, living or dead, real or imaginary, who would it be?

CG: To be able to sit and have a conversation with Ghandi and hear him say “Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you are here to live forever” would unreal.