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15 Aug - Meet Our Friend: Eunique Fowler

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Meet Eunique: our friend, fellow nomad and Stolen Rum‘s fun ‘n’ fearless marketing coordinator. Since our move into the neighborhood, Eunique has tirelessly worked to bring some of that magical 305 culture to our backyard, from those art and fashion-filled nights of The Drawing Room (#tbt) to last month’s super-soaked Swim Week happy hour with Stolen Rum. We recently grabbed cocktails with Eunique to chat her up about all things rum, travel and, of course, Miami. Read on to learn more about the life of this one-of-a-kind Broken Shaker regular:

Your top 5 rum cocktails — go!

Hmmm… Surprisingly, I’m not really a rum drinker. My go-to is typically whiskey, bourbon or rye, but I’ve recently converted to drinking rum over the past few months because of Stolen Spiced.

My rules of thumb for any cocktail are spirit forward, bartender’s choice and not too sweet. I like refreshing, citrus flavors and herbs as well. When I’m not working with someone of the craft or just want to get straight to the point I typically order a drink on the rocks, neat or with a splash of sparkling water and lime (Perrier is my favorite). When rum’s on the table, I mix it with coconut water or some coke and two limes.

What inspired Stolen’s Coffee & Cigarettes spiced rum?

It was inspired by Coffee and Cigarettes, the series of short films by Jim Jarmusch.

Favorite places to eat in Miami?

There are SO many! I really enjoy cooking so I’m always inviting everyone over for dinner all the time. I feel like it’s my go-to pick up line; you could ask anyone in Miami and I have probably invited them over at some point. I love making vegetarian meals using fresh herbs from my garden and experimenting with different spins on recipes.

When I’m not trying to plan a dinner party, I like going to the same places. I’m pretty simple and often repeat places that I know are really amazing. My favorites include Pubbelly Sushi, Doraku (for happy hour), Moshi Moshi, Blue Collar (great for breakfast), Icebox Café (delicious breakfast and lunch), Choices Café, JugoFresh (the açaí bowl is my favorite), Lemoni Café, Mandolin and the café inside the Shell on Alton Road.

Tell us three destinations on your bucket list. Why?

I want to travel the world because I think there’s so much to be learned from travel and experiencing a life completely different from the life you currently live. It’s so hard to narrow it down to three,  but here it goes:

1) Southeast Asia – I have several friends who have gone and have had the most amazing experiences, many of them specifically noting Cambodia and Vietnam. I love the culture and the simplicity, respect and beauty that is within it.

2) Croatia and the Adriatic Sea – This area is beautiful and I’ve read some articles about people sailing there and it sounds magical.

3) Morocco and northern Africa – After watching Anthony Bourdain’s show, it’s all I’ve been able to think of. I don’t really eat meat, but I would love the adventure and the cultural experience.

What’s one thing everyone should experience when visiting the 305?

The local scene: food, bars, art, farmers markets and natural attractions like The Botanical Gardens, Venetian Pools, the Bonsai Garden and the ocean. Most tourists come to Miami and just want to live it up, but in my opinion, really the best part of Miami is the local scene and the local people. Plus there’s so much to do and experience if you get in your car and drive 20 minutes outside of South Beach and Wynwood: great places to eat, drink and play that you didn’t even know existed, often for half of the price. I think that this is a good rule of thumb even for those who live here.

A few months ago I picked a random house to rent for the weekend that was just outside of West Palm Beach and I felt like I had left Miami altogether. It was great!

If you could hang out at The Broken Shaker with anyone, who would it be?

This is a tough one! The Broken Shaker is my  go-to spot when I want to show someone a really chill spot with laidback vibes that everyone appreciates.

If this is like a “if you had one wish” sort of thing, I would have to say my dad. He would be the one person I would really want to just kick back with and enjoy some good drinks, music and conversation. I brought him here last time he was in Miami and he loved it. I think it was one of my favorite things that we did together during that trip.

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