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13 Aug - Meet Our Friend: Nathan Michael

Freehand Friends

Meet Freehand friend and photographer Nathan Michael! Nathan was born in England and raised as a southern Texas boy,  but has traveled the United States, living in West Palm Beach, San Francisco, and ultimately  landing in Chicago. He is defined by his infinite curiosity and passion for life and culture. As a photographer and designer, Nathan is driven by artistically capturing people and their stories. He creates his art with great detail and imagination. We sat down with Nathan for a one-on-one:

Freehand: Name 5 travel essentials you always pack. 

Nathan Michael: Some worn in denim, a comfortable pair of shoes, a memorable fragrance, some ‘roids,  and a trusty pen.

FH: What was the first camera you bought?

NM: A Canon 30D

FH: What inspired you to start Flock of Fools

NM: A desire to live life more adventurously with other like-minded creatives.

FH: Who are some of the people you are collaborating with?

NM: John Stoffer – Patrick Janelle – Grant Legan – Chris Hainey – Dan Kelleghan

FH: What is the next project you are working on?

NM: I’m working with Wendy’s to create fresh visual content for their social feeds.

FH: Who are your biggest influencers/ inspirations?

NM: In general, people who care always inspire me. Thoughtful design inspires me as well. Some people’s work that inspire me are: Roman & Williams – Land – The Mercadantes – Eliot Rausch – YASLY

FH: What’s your favorite quote?

NM: The person who doesn’t make mistakes is unlikely to make anything.

FH: Tell us about a travel experience that left a lasting impression?

NM: Visiting Englewood. See write up & photos here.

FH: What are your favorite things to photograph?

NM: Everyday Life.

FH: What is the latest album you listened to?

NM: David Ramirez – Raw EP

Nathan took photos of the Tokyo Hotel prior to our renovation. He flawlessly captured the essence and history of what once was a staple of River North.  His work is displayed in our entryway and it pay’s homage to the building’s past…a story of old meets new. See his Tokyo photos here