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18 May - Meet Our Friend: Pola Bunster

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Meet Pola Bunster, Director of Storytelling at Prism Music Group. Pola loves everything creative: art, food, music, movies. She has been writing and sharing stories in class since the age of 4, and her passion for writing led her to become the youngest editor of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s MOCAzine at 15. After college she went from being a Props & Set Designer for a local theater, an event producer for Thierry’s Catering, a copywriter at Macias Advertising, to the editor of The Black Key Group’s blog. Born and raised in Miami, she is wholeheartedly dedicated to not only making Miami a better place to live in, but making locals and travelers more aware of the culture that can be experienced in this city at any given moment. Therefore, she is all about incorporating Miami culture in the content that she helps create for all the blogs she is a a part of: Prism, Arts + Entertainment District, The Citadel as editor,, DISfunkshion Magazine,The Recording Academy, and City Gazettes as a contributor/music editor.

What is one fact about Miami culture travelers and locals would be shocked to know? 

So many things! It’s the only major city founded by a woman, only major metropolis bordered by two national parks (Everglades to the West and Biscayne Bay to the East), and it’s a point on The Bermuda Triangle.

Where is your favorite hangout spot in Miami?

For a burst of nature: Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden and for everything music-related: Sweat Records.

You mentioned you love everything creative. What is your favorite subject matter to enjoy writing the most about? Why?

I think it would be music. The fact that you’re writing about something that has to be heard, trying to find words to describe a sound, it’s like literary synesthesia. I love describing a sound by how it makes you feel. It really pushes me to search my entire being for emotions, analogies, and feelings. More than just “hey, this album is great, listen to it.” That’s how I think my writing and my voice shine the brightest and how I can connect with readers the most. Plus, I just really love music.

Who/what inspired you to become a writer?

I think I have always been someone that shines when I’m telling stories and talking to people. It’s my favorite thing to do in the entire world. The idea of cultures and traditions being passed down through stories orally, and then eventually being written down, that’s how things are literally set in stone. Words are power. And when you have the ability to connect to people through communicating, you’re able to change their day with a story or an anecdote, have them travel through time to a place they never experienced, it’s a superpower. I always loved reading what I had written in English class. I was like the Hermione who always participated, so I knew that writing and communicating is where I was meant to thrive.

When traveling, what is one thing you can’t leave behind?

A pair of headphones. There are few greater pleasures than roaming a new place with a perfectly paired soundtrack.

What destination is on your travel bucket list? India, sigh. 

If you can have drinks at the Shaker with anyone living or dead, who would it be? Roald Dahl or Kurt Vonnegut or Richard Linklater or Bob Dylan circa 1964.