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17 Aug - Meet Our Friends: Floyd Davis & Gina Mazzone

Freehand Friends

Meet Floyd Davis & Gina Mazzone, the awesome talent behind Chicago’s Artpentry studio!

Floyd Davis has been a staple of the Chicago Arts District, located in East Pilsen, where he lives and works out of his private studio with attached storefront art gallery by the name of Artpentry. In 2008, Davis established the Artpentry brand to serve as an umbrella company for all of his creative endeavors. With the intent to set himself apart as a multifaceted creative force, Davis has applied multiple skill sets he has accumulated throughout his life. He combines techniques including; construction methods taught by his father, digital design work, set/prop design, painting, printmaking, sculpture, music production and many others.

Gina Mazzone originally hails from the close south west suburbs of Chicago. Gina decided to put her passion for art on hold in order to complete her first degree in Biology/Chemistry from UIC. To support herself while in school, she was fortunate to work at a popular chef driven restaurant, learning the ways of the hospitality business. In her spare time, she created a website with a good friend known as Gin & Luce which was used as a platform for her talented and creative friends endeavors. She then spent her first year out of college working in the restaurant group’s corporate office as the social media manager/assistant.

Gina met Floyd late last year on his Riot Putt golf course. Months later their paths crossed again at an art event that Gina had curated and organized  through her company Gin and Luce. Most recently they’ve began to develop the business side of their relationship and work together to grow the Artpentry brand. While continuing her education, she is working full-time with the Artpentry crew and simultaneously developing her own artistic aspirations.

Freehand: What brought you to Freehand Chicago?

Gina & Floyd: Total chance. Gina just happened to be sitting next to the developer’s during dinner. One conversation lead to another and the next day they held a meeting in the Artpentry studio located in Pilsen. After, we collaborated on the collage mural, Gina has continued to help direct Freehand Chicago’s art direction.

FH: What advice would you give to fellow nomads?

G: Material things may be lost, forgotten or stolen. Don’t allow them to weight you down in the present.

F: Create the world you want to live in.

FH: Who do you draw your inspiration from? Any artists that have recently influenced you?

F: I draw a lot of inspiration from my past. My father built our house and I was fascinated by the entire idea of being able to build something from scratch. Shortly after, I realized that I could combine carpentry with my art in order to create unique pieces and offer a variety of things to clients. Also, I heavily believe in originality. Being able to see other artist’s style and let them have it as their own is crucial in developing yourself. Honestly, I often go out of my way to make sure that the only influence on my work is myself.

G: I draw a lot of my inspiration from my formal education in Biochemistry. The natural world is a beautiful place, and the unseen actuality of it is even more beautiful. Every molecule has internal movement that in turn creates a whole spectra of different visible characteristics and reactions. Life is nothing but a mere beautiful illusion for an unseen reality. As for an already established artists, I am a big fan of ROA, Bruce Riley, and of course Floyd aka ARTPENTRY.

FH: We know this was your first collaboration, any future ones planned?

G&F: Definitely more to come but nothing planned as of yet. However, our daily routine involves plenty of collaboration. We have several ongoing pieces together and we like to pass them back and forth in the evenings when the work day is done.

FH: What are your favorite hangout spots in Chicago?

G&F: The Artpentry studio gets the lion’s share of our time. In our free time we spend many hours there creating personal projects and the previously discussed collaborations. Other than that we go out to eat quite often. Our favorite hangs are Duseks/Punch House, Nini’s Deli, Huck Finn’s (apricot jelly donuts for life), and any events the lovely lades at Locallective have.

FH: Name 5 travel essentials you always pack.


1. Sketchbook

2. Tape Measurer

3. Pens/Pencils

4. Mouth Wash

5. Socks…lots of them. You really can never have too many socks.

FH: If you could hang out at our bar, Broken Shaker, with anyone, living or dead, real or imaginary, who would it be?

F: Rick Rubin.

GAmy Poehler.