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14 Nov - Meet Our Friends: Mariyuu and J. York

Freehand Friends

If you weren’t able to make friends with the Miami-based, fashion-eccentric duo of MariyuuYork (or their colorful line of mochilas) when they popped up by the pool during Swim Week, then now’s your chance. Before wrapping up their latest photo shoot in our backyard, we shared a couple Broken Shaker cocktails and talked fashion, inspiration and all things Miami. Here’s what you missed:

What inspired MariyuuYork? What are the most rewarding/difficult aspects of running your own fashion brand?

I (Mariyuu) had captured an image of the mochila bag on one of my trips to Colombia. The photo sparked something in me. I had this desire to bring back part of my culture to my new home in Miami. The mochila lent itself perfectly to our carefree lifestyle of beach living.

The most rewarding part is having the creative freedom to develop our own brand. This is what we crave as artists.

The most difficult aspect is that there is no one to blame but ourselves!

Define Miami’s style.

Miami style is a mixture of bohemian, vintage clothing and high-end accessories. Beach-chic at its finest.

What do you consider your essential accessories (besides your mochila)?

We don’t go anywhere without our mochilas.

J. York: Also my handmade bullet chain, Ippolita hoop earrings and sunnies in all shapes and sizes.

What is it for each of you that makes Miami special?

We love the mix of cultures. Miami has perfect vacation weather with both beach and city life. It’s our playground. It has the best of everything!

Favorite spots to hit up for shopping, eating and drinking in Miami Beach?

Right now we are feeling the Broken Shaker, of course! Radio bar is easy fun. Both great spots to relax and enjoy the weekend. Joe’s Stone Crab is a Miami tradition. We make it a point to go when [stone crabs] are in season. When it comes to shopping I am pretty eclectic. I never have just one store.

 Tell us three things on your bucket list.

No bucket list! Live a life of randomness and we’ll always be satisfied.

Where do you dream of traveling to?

The Philippine islands for some zen and creative inspiration.

If you could share a cocktail with anyone, real or imaginary, at The Broken Shaker who would it be?

The Dude. He is the ultimate in chill and could definitely pull off a mochila. Maybe you guys can convince him to try something other than a White Russian.