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17 Jun - Meet Our Friend: Nicole Salgar

Freehand Friends

Meet the mastermind behind that dope iguana piece hanging out by the pool. Nicole Salgar is a painter and street artist of Latin descent. Growing up in Miami, she has always had a passion for Latin folk art and believes it has undeniably influenced her style. When asked about her craft, Nicole says that “art and design are both something I see as a powerful, transformative force which can elevate the practitioners, the people and their communities.” Self expression has always been instinctual for Nicole, and as a child she found her way to communicate that through art. We sat down with our Freehand homie to discuss her passion:

Freehand: What was the first picture you ever painted?  

Nicole Salgar: As a kid I remember painting mainly skulls and what I thought to be “space creatures” from other planets.

FH: What inspired your iguana mural in the backyard? How long did it take you to execute?

NS: I was inspired by an iguana that was stuck in the pool one day, and I wanted to pay tribute to him. After they rescued him, workers mentioned that a lot of the iguanas are drawn to one tree on the grounds so I positioned my iguana to look in its direction and climbing up to it. It took me 2 days. 3 hours each day due to Miami’s heat.

FH: What brought you to Freehand Miami?

NS: My brother Louis Salgar brought me here my first time and he later became a bartender at the Broken Shaker.  So I met most of the crew because of him.

FH: Do you have any advice for budding artists in Miami?  

NS: Stay focused , open your own doors & continue to create.

FH: What’s the best place to see street art in Miami?

NS: Honestly, Little Haiti, Little Havana and now Hialeah.

FH: Who’s your favorite artist?

NS: That’s a tough one. I’d have to say Salvador Dali is in the top 5.

FH: Tell us 5 things on your bucket list.

1. Travel to the Middle East & Asia

2. Learn to dive

3. Ride in a hot air balloon

4. Sky dive

5. Live in another country for more than a year

FH: When you’re not at Freehand, where’s your favorite place to hang in Miami?

NS: The beach!

FH: If you had the opportunity to paint someone, dead or alive, who would it be?

NS: My brother

FH: Bocce, ping pong or Jenga?

NS: Jenga!!