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31 Dec - Meet Our Friends: Valentine NYC

Freehand Friends

Paloma and Whitney, the brains and beauts behind Valentine NYC, are on a mission to keep romance alive. Starting a blog in early 2012, the duo has burgeoned over the past two years, launching their own lingerie line this Art Basel at their Valentine Pop-Up Shop in our backyard (pics below). Pretty cool, right? Before the duo boarded their flight back to New York, we met them for a couple cocktails at The Broken Shaker to learn more about their flourishing work.

Freehand Miami: Tell us about Valentine NYC.

Valentine: We wanted to put a little romance back into a time that often lacks it, so Valentine was born. Each week we bring you an intimate look through a door that might have otherwise been closed – the cute girl you see at the coffee shop, the guy that’s always cruising around NoLiTa. Whats the craziest thing she’s done for love? When was his first kiss? We wanted to know. And so we asked.

In our pursuit to revive romance, we have created our first collection of Valentine Lingerie. We had our Valentine girls in mind when we designed it. Simple, comfortable, sexy and very NYC, of course!

What is the source of inspiration for your work?

We are inspired mostly by all the beautiful, creative and confident women we know. They’re all up to great things, so we just look to them for daily inspiration.

What’s next for Valentine ?

Sky’s the limit really! The new site has launched, so we are an official lingerie company now. We are working on some very exciting collaborations and just the continuation of our weekly posting and shooting for the blog.

Name 5 travel essentials you never leave home without.

1. My Valentine fragrance because it’s necessary to always smell delicious.
2. Jet black Valentine bra because it’s oh so comfy and I always feel ready for anything.
3. iPhone because we are always working on the go.
4. ChapStick because cracked lips are always a no-no.
5. A good playlist for all the moments of the day.

Where did you eat, drink and shop while you were in town for Art Basel? 

We had a hard time leaving Freehand Miami. Sunset drinks and a block from a skinny dip… who can resist?

We loved Barceloneta and Ice Box Cafe too. Yummy!

Would you rather frolic in the snow or chill on the beach?

Beach all the way. It’s an easy choice for me because I love a swim, spicy margaritas and hot hot heat.

Ping pong, bocce or Jenga?

That’s a tough one. Bocce is always fun… but I have great memories of Jenga at Freehand, so I might go with that.

If you could hang out with anyone at The Broken Shaker, living or dead, real or imaginary, who would it be?

Romeo and Juliet. Want get to the bottom of all that tragedy. We love a happy ending!

Valentine NYC at Freehand Miami
Valentine NYC at Freehand Miami
Valentine NYC at Freehand Miami
Valentine NYC at Freehand Miami
Valentine NYC at Freehand Miami
Valentine NYC at Freehand Miami
Valentine NYC at Freehand Miami
Valentine NYC at Freehand Miami