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10 Apr - Meet Our Guest: Harry “Bee” Bernstein

Freehand Friends

You’ve probably seen Harry Bernstein and his inimitable locks popping up all over the Internet next to creatives and celebrities from all over (here he is with Jared Leto and Terry Richardson). Harry earned his stripes in the New York ad world, climbing his way up the creative ladder before opening up shop with partner Chad Jackson at The 88. He’s worked with behemoth clients like IBM, Heineken and Vitamin Water (this spot of his makes us laugh to this day), filling up his trophy case with Addy, Art Director’s Club, and Webby awards, along the way.

Harry and co. came down to Freehand Miami to help out with our Impossible Cool X Sonic Editions Pool Party during Art Basel and we had such a blast we decided to hook up again for Winter Music Conference. We chatted with him to find out more about his swashbuckling work/pleasure exploits.

Freehand Miami: We loved having you back at Freehand Miami. What was your favorite moment of the WMC this year?

Harry Bee: Hanging by the pool with friends during the Kitsuné party. Getting away from sucky ass #UltraSouthBeach and being able to chill.

FH: You’ve been down to Miami Beach a few times now. Where do you eat and drink when you’re in town?

HB: I like the classics like Le Sandwicherie over on 14th, new spots like Pub Belly Sushi, and for juice I go to JugoFresh.

FH: What’s something you feel everyone should experience while in Miami?

HB: What happens in Miami stays in Miami—if you don’t know then I couldn’t explain it.

HB: Where did you rent these, and where were you headed?

HB: I rent my mopeds from Hot Wheels rentals LLC. It’s the only way to get around.

FH: What are the hardest and most fun parts of running your own ad agency?

HB: The hardest thing is always having to always be on. The 88 is open 24 hours. The most fun part is the success and I’m fortunate enough to have a team that helps make that happen most of the time.

FH: Of all the campaigns and projects you’ve worked on, which one makes you the most proud?

HB: Kanon Vodka RIP was a pretty epic project. Got to work with great people and challenge the spirits industry. I also love the Pace Gallery site we did last year and the social media rebrand we did for illy Coffee, and I have some great new stuff on the horizon.

FH: Of all the celebrities you’ve met, who would you invite to Broken Shaker for a drink?

HB: Hmmmm, the best part of Broken Shaker is that it feels natural and authentic and I wouldn’t want to fuck that up. My favorite part of hanging there is just meeting new people.

Want to get to know Harry even better? Check out his TwitterInstagram, and blog.