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14 Jan - Meet Our Guest: Arielle Nachmani

Freehand Friends

Manhattan-based, full-time fashion blogger Arielle Nachmani posts new looks, beauty how-to’s, and apparel top picks almost daily on her blog, creatively mixing designer items with affordable staples. (We were tickled when she featured an oxblood top by our design partners Timo Weiland yesterday.) She’s won acclaim in Teen VogueStyledOnStyleList, and StyleCaster and scored collaborations with brands like Olsenboye and Coach. Despite it all, we gotta say she’s a pretty down-to-earth chick. She told USC’s Neon Tommy: “I love that I can be an inspiration to girls getting dressed in the morning.” Arielle spent New Year’s hanging out at Freehand Miami and chatted with us by the pool.

Freehand Miami: What brought you and your friends to Freehand Miami?

Arielle Nachmani: We were looking for a laid back and chill spot to stay at for New Year’s—Freehand fit that description perfectly.

FH: Have you ever stayed in a hostel before?

AN: I’ve never stayed at a hostel before, but Freehand was nothing like I imagined—in the best way possible! My favorite part about Freehand was the bar and pool area and of course the ping pong tables. The room was simple and clean with a perfect bed and a wonderful TV. What more could you ask for in a room?

FH: What made you want to start a fashion blog?

AN: I wanted a space/outlet to express myself and my style. My blog is like my personal (but very public) diary—ha.

FH: What do you think makes your blog successful?

AN: I think my blog is successful because I’ve stayed true to who I am and I think I’m pretty relatable for my readers. I try to interact with my followers and hopefully inspire them.

FH: Are you pursuing any future projects?

AN: In less than two weeks my sisters and I are launching our online shopping website, I have never been this excited about something!

FH: What’s your best advice to aspiring fashion bloggers?

AN: My best advice if you wanted to start a blog is to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons—do it for you! No one else; not for attention.

FH: As a native New Yorker, what are your thoughts on Miami style?

AN: Well, I mean, I live and breathe New York, so it’s difficult to adapt to a different lifestyle, but I love Miami as a frequent getaway, it’s a quick and easy trip—beautiful weather and slow-paced. It’s the perfect vacation spot for a New Yorker.

FH: What’s your favorite place to shop in Miami?

AN: The Alchemist.

FH: What’s one of your Miami must-do’s?

AN: Eat! Jerry’s Diner, Pubbelly, and Joe’s Stone Crab changed my life!