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27 Feb - Meet Our Guest: Yoni Goldberg

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We’re excited to be hosting Yoni Goldberg, owner of dGi Management and one half of DJ collective Bavarian Romance. The 31-year-old Brown University grad and his partner Damon DeGraff manage top-notch recording artists, DJs, record producers, and cultural influencers. Their roster includes Rev Run, Kirill Was Here, DJ Ruckus, Jesse Marco, dBerrie, The Misshapes, and Paul Sevigny. They’ve booked some serious parties for some big-name celebs and brands, including Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, Gap, Condé Nast. Yoni made time for a quick chat with us during his stay.

Freehand Miami: What brings you to Miami?

Yoni Goldberg: I’m in Miami to see two of the artists I manage: dBerrie and Kirill Was Here on their Generation Wild Tour.

FH: Have you stayed in a hostel before? What did you think of Freehand?

YG: This is my first hostel experience! I like the diversity at Freehand. Everyone seems a lot more laid back than I am, which I appreciate. The Broken Shaker is my favorite bar in Miami, too.

FH: How do you feel about the Miami music scene?

YG: Miami remains one of the world leaders in both music being made and performed, but I think it’s become more difficult to find different types of music to hear out at night.

FH: How did you first become interested in DJs and hip-hop?

YG: Like most kids growing up in the 90s, I always liked hip-hop, but I heard a Mark Ronson mixtape in the summer of 2003. It made me understand that there was a craft to deejaying that the radio guys didn’t demonstrate.

FH: Do you have any trusted tactics for finding promising new talent?

YG: I don’t have a go-to method for finding new talent. I spend a lot of time on the internet reading about and listening to new artists, but I try to spend more time speaking with colleagues and immersing myself in the art and music community. I think that’s the best way to learn about new talent.

FH: We couldn’t help but notice your outfits (especially the red track suit), how would you describe your style?

YG: Hahaha. A girl whom I worked with told me I dressed like the flyest 12-year-old at school circa 1994. I took it as a great compliment.

FH: If you could hang out at our bar, The Broken Shaker, with anyone, living or dead, real or imaginary, who would it be?

YG: I’d love to have a couple of cocktails at The Broken Shaker with my late grandfather Edgar Grossman. He had impeccable taste—I know he’d appreciate the bar.