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23 Oct - The Mystic behind Spirit House Collective

Los Angeles

We’re counting down the days to our Hallow’s Eve celebrations, when we’ll welcome practitioners of healing to Broken Shaker for one vibe-y night. You can book herbal tarot consults, claircognizant readings, flower essence potions, akashic records readings, crystal perspections, and Astrology readings through this link. We caught up with Aja Daashuur, the founder of Spirit House Collective and one of the spirit guide coaches we’ll be welcoming, to talk about her work, and what to expect from all the amazing workshops we have coming up.

Freehand: Hi Aja! As we enter into some incredible events and workshops these next months for our Spirit House Collective partnership, can you share a little about yourself?

Aja Daashuur: Most people know me as the spirit guide coach. I connect with an individual’s spiritual team through mediumship, past life regression therapy, and channeling. This allows me to help clients break through blocks and false narratives and tap into the wisdom that can activate a more fulfilling life. This work encourages the creation of a stronger connection to their higher selves as well as a deeper knowing of their inner truth. Being able to feel the love and support of your spiritual team can be life changing (it was for me) and I’m honored to offer this sacred work to people all over the world.

FH: Amazing. As the founder of Spirit House Collective, you definitely are coming with lots of wisdom and experience. Can you share about Spirit House Collective and how it got started?

AD: I was going through a really tough time, when it came to sharing my clairvoyance and connection to spirits with my friends and family. I started to feel isolated and unseen, so I decided to create a community that would support the exploration and magick that we can connect to through psychic and healing modalities without judgment. A place where we can share our stories, release, and tap into our desires.

FH: For those who are new to exploring spirituality and wellness, where would you recommend they start?

AD: Creating a daily practice is very important. It can catapult you into the rewarding ritual of allowing. As you actively give yourself permission to listen to your inner voice, to connect with your body and soul uninterrupted — you are able to activate progressive change much faster and with confidence. Meditation journaling and pulling Oracle or Tarot cards is a great place to start. There are lots of people who have trouble quieting their mind for meditation (I was one of them!) but it’s called “practice” for a reason. Your level of commitment directly connects to the results you’ll receive.

FH: I really resonate with the “practice for a reason” part. It is a commitment, just like going to the gym. Freehand is super excited to have a place for our community to come and explore all of that, together. What can we expect upcoming from Spirit House Collective?

AD: We have so much in the works! Beyond our amazing partnership with the Freehand, we are launching our online metaphysical platform, Spirit Family, so that people all over the world can connect with our incredibly gifted practitioners. We will also be opening Spirit School to help those who feel the pull to dive deeper into their own healing and psychic gifts to
learn from the comfort of their own homes and expand. Gifts For the Spirit, our brick and mortar space, is opening in Brooklyn this month and I’m really looking forward to seeing so many magical goods together in one place. Phew! That’s a lot to bring out into the world.