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30 Sep - October Horoscope by Yarusha Jimenez

Every month, Yarusha Jimenez , the amazing intuitive  & reader also known as  Sisters of Eastwick – and an important element to our magical Full Moon Divinations here at FHNY, will be sharing monthly horoscopes on our blog. Read on, and find out what this month has in store.

Libra season has arrived and is a particularly potent period of time! September 28th ushers in the new moon in Libra. This new moon is acting as a cosmic reset, bringing us all back into balance with our internal and external selves.

October gives us the opportunity to regain our footing and create harmony in any area of our lives that require the scales to be properly aligned. There is a need for us to work on the internal in order to see results in our external reality. Relationships play a role this month as Libra rules all partnerships (business and romantic). There will be great power that many of us will discover when we are able to remain balanced in ourselves but still take the other into consideration.

Justice and karma will also be a theme. Some of us will be rewarded for our past deeds and some of us will witness others meeting their own form of karmic balance.

October Tarot Scope

The collective pull for the month of October is The Six of Swords and The Queen of Wands. October is a month where many of us will be moving away from a situation. It can be a literal move or it can be leaving a turbulent experience. This is a journey to calmer waters. We are being supported by others who can help us move to the other side. Healing is highlighted now and we should not be afraid to ask for help if we need it.

The Queen of Wands is what many of us are stepping into once we journey to make this move. She is pure fire and truly bold in spirit. She is the witch of the tarot, using her magic to expressively live a life that is connected to her heart. The Queen of Wands is here to deliver a message to make the bold decision of standing in your power. To use the magic you have been gifted. To be courageous in how you live your life and be willing to walk away from that which offers a low vibration of vitality.

Libra and Libra rising – Happy Birthday to all you beautiful Libras! Being a sign that came here to learn all about balance, this month will fully support you in achieving a new level of equilibrium. The Sun is in your 1st house, which is all about you, your identity, your body, your self, and your life path. The Sun is hitting your rebirth button allowing you to step into a new version of yourself based on all the past year’s lessons you’ve had to go through. This month is a culmination of how much you’ve grown. Standing strong in your identity while creating more relationships and connections this month gives you the experience of integrating into a new role. Your sense of self is stronger now and you have a clearer understanding of who you are. Venus is also adding the vibration of vitality and magnetism to everything you do this month. Allow yourself to shine and take center stage. Choose who you want to be in this new year and consciously shift into that. All the planetary energies are here to support you on your journey.

On the 13th, the full moon will fall in your 7th house of relationships. This will give you the push to release fears and limitations regarding your relationship programming. Really evaluate this area of your life and begin to plant seeds for a new relationship garden to grow.

Aries and Aries rising – With the Sun, Venus and Mercury all in your 7th house, this month the energy will be focused on your relationships and business partnerships. Communication and harmony are available to you now in terms of dealing with any type of partnership. A new relationship can turn into something deeper now. Creating a deeper and more balanced connection with a current partner is also possible with these planetary energies. Mars will be entering your relationship sector a little later in the month, giving more energy to all your on-on-one relationships. Intimacy and vulnerability are also themed for you in September. The full moon will be your sign on the 13th, giving you a broad-eye vision of your current identity, and how you may want to transform this current version of yourself.

Taurus and Taurus rising – This will be an exciting month for you. The sun will be in your 6th house of health, work, and routine in the beginning of the month. Later in October, the sun and mercury will enter into your 7th house of relationships. Any partnership that restricts or keeps you stagnant will come under a microscope. Innovative people are what you are ready to attract. On the 13th, the full moon in your 12th house will urge you to find solitude in your space, and encourage you to just be. Connecting with silence and being at one with your soul will help your rejuvenate your spirit.

Gemini and Gemini rising – October will bring focus and energy to your 5th house. This is the house of creativity, romance, children, having fun, pleasure, self confidence, and the heart center. This gives you the stimulation and the downloads for you to creatively communicate out into the world. Make your heart happy this month. Enjoy life and let yourself shine with the sun. On the 13th, the full moon falls in your 11th house of friendships, communities, groups, and networking. This ushers in the release and a purging in this area of your life in order to make room for a new group of people and social circle.

Cancer and Cancer rising – October is a month where the focus will be on your 4th house, of home, family, your emotional life, your roots, and your soul. Since Cancer rules the 4th house, this month will be very much linked with a core part of your spirit. This is a time to focus on your inner and outer home. Shifting the energy in your home by cleaning, organizing, purging, and bringing in new energy will balance your inner emotional self. With Venus and Mercury in your 4th house you are being given the opportunity to harmonize, communicate, and heal issues that may currently exist with your family. Creating an altar to honor your ancestors holds a lot of power for you now, as their assistance is totally available to you. Use this current energy to your advantage.

Leo and Leo rising – This month the sun falls in your 3rd house of communication, learning, studying, receiving new information, and short distance travel. This is a time where your mind will be more hungry and active for stimulation. With the sun transiting your 3rd house, it is highly probable you will be receiving important downloads, and ideas that are helpful to your life. Starting a new workshop or course is great now. This will be a more active and social month for you as well. Meeting new people with similar interests who get your mental juices flowing is available to you now.

Virgo and Virgo rising – This month the Sun falls in your 2nd house of finance and money. This is a good time to put energy in promoting yourself and launching anything that can bring your financial gain. With Venus also in your 2nd house this could be a time where your will be financially rewarded for your hard work. Mars will also be in your 2nd house so putting effort into making money will pay off. What you value and valuing yourself will be a theme in October. On the 13th of the month the full moon falls in your 8th house. Any trauma or false programming related to self worth , money, and what you deserve can be seriously transformed. Use this energy to your advantage and see how things in your life will shift.

Scorpio and Scorpio rising – This month is preparation for your birthday month coming up. The sun will be in 12th house. This energy is very much about letting things go, culminations, resting, and spending time with your soul. This is a recharge month that can give you clarity on the past year. Meditation and creating inner peace for yourself this month will rebalance you. Go within this month, connect with nature, your imagination, and spirit. Dreams are potent now and can provide subconscious healing. This month is not meant to be a time where you push or overdo it. It’s really for you to be quiet. On the 13th the full moon will fall in your 6th house of work and health. This will shine light to your body, diet, and physical routine. If there are habits you developed that are not supporting your health you will be able to see them and be given the assistance to change them. Shed what needs to be shed and allow your transformation to take place.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising – This month the Sun enters your 11th house of dreams, wishes, friendships, networking, communities, and groups. This is a very social month for you. Many of you could be meeting new friends and becoming part of a new group. There is new energy being brought into your social circle. This is a time where you can meet someone who can help elevate you closer to your goals and dreams. Allow yourself to be open to the new faces and personalities that will now be entering your life. Go out and meet new people. The full moon on the 13th falls in your 5th house of joy, romance, creative expression, and the inner child. These areas of your life will feel fuller in an emotional sense and ask you to find ways to consciously express them.

Capricorn and Capricorn rising – This month the Sun falls in your 10th house of Career and life purpose. You are very visible now. Career and work opportunities are highlighted now. Your reputation and public persona is in a magnetic vibration. Expanding your career and your place in the world is supported by the universe. Work, projects, and being productive this month will be a theme for you. A general feeling of being more ambitious than usual will be felt by many of you. A new promotion or career opportunity could present itself. Put yourself out there in terms of a career or a project. Don’t be shy, this is potent planetary energy and you can shift a lot with the Sun transiting your 10th house.

Aquarius and Aquarius rising – This month the Sun falls in your 9th house, which pertains to higher education, your belief system, your spiritual connection, travel, publishing, and your faith in the universe. This is all about the bigger picture and where you fit in to that dynamic. Exploring new horizons and expanding your mind in any way is what you are being drawn to. This month is very much about your spiritual journey and receiving some sort of clarity in this area. Meeting a new teacher is also possible now. The 13th brings the full moon, which falls in your 3rd house of learning, communicating and study. This sheds light in these areas and how they are connected to your current beliefs system. What you think is not possible and what is possible may need adjustment.

Pisces and Pisces rising – This month the sun falls in your 8th house of transformation, the occult, letting go, other people’s money, and healing. This is a wonderful time to really purge and release any past traumas or pain. Going deeper with yourself and working with your shadow can help you transform into a new you. Intimacy and vulnerability are highlighted with this energy. Allowing yourself to shed what is over in your life will aid in your rebirth, so don’t be afraid to walk away from what no longer serves you. Income having to do with clients has potential to grow. Passive income can gain momentum. Digging deep is the theme of October, so investigating what is really behind certain behaviors can help you to really release unhealthy patterns. On October 13th, the full moon will fall in your 2nd house of finances. Your relationship with money may need to change in some way. This is a good time to gain a greater perspective on how you want to go about dealing with your finances.

by Yarusha Jimenez