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2 Jan - Our Favorite Insta-Moments From 2012


The holidays are officially over; time to dust off that keyboard and get back to work. We’re feeling optimistic about 2013! If those few weeks at the end of 2012 are how our story starts, we can’t wait to roll up our sleeves for whatever comes next.

Ah, the lobby, one of our favorite spots to relax. Back in early December, when Condé Nast emissary @jetsetcd snapped this, we were admittedly a little frantic getting everything in order for our opening. Is that a staffer’s bustling arm caught on the right of the frame?

Even before opening our doors, we knew that we needed to take good care of our guests if they were going to get the most out of Art Basel. Luckily, our Food and Beverage team has consistently outdone themselves on that score since day one.  (@bonbonni3)

Our pride and joy: the pool. In our short time here, it’s already been home to parties, BBQs, ping pong showdowns and countless hours of vitamin-D-drenched R&R. Thanks @condenasttraveler for the voyeuristic view.

Did we mention BBQ? Here’s a closeup of Chef Jeremiah’s handiwork, featured weekly at our Saturday-afternoon Backyard BBQ. This pic, courtesy of @mrjazen, is from our kick-off event on December 15th.

Jared Hatch (pictured above) took advantage of our bike rentals during his stay, and he and @jetsetcd captured our motto for the new year perfectly: full speed ahead!

Rest assured, even as we are plowing ahead in 2013, we’ll be treasuring every moment to the fullest. Hope you’ll be here to enjoy the year with us. (@mellamocasey)