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If you pack like we do—haphazardly and in the span of minutes—there’s a good chance that something’s getting left behind. Actually, it’s inevitable. And do you ever wonder how you manage to pack all twelve of your bathing suits, but not your deodorant? *Facepalm*

Good news is, our Counter Shop’s got you covered with all of those super important essentials that you’re most definitely going to leave at home. Here’s a look at what’s currently in stock:

1. Toothpaste

2. Mouthwash

3. Kiss My Face soaps

4. Deodorant

5. Dr. Bronner’s Body Balm in naked, orange lavender, patchouli lime and peppermint

6. Combs

7. Ear plugs

8. Nail clippers

9. Cotton swabs

10. Razors

11. Sewing kits

12. Padlocks

13. Freehand Miami t-shirts

14. Freehand Miami water bottles

15. Freehand Miami tote bags

(Pro tip: Check in at our place on Foursquare for the first time and receive a complimentary Dr. Bronner’s Body Balm!)