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7 Mar - Travel Tips: What To Pack

Travel & Leisure

Packing. Is. The. Worst.

No matter how many times you’ve traveled, you always seem to forget something. Only one flip flop – what?!

Here’s a list of 5 essentials to pack before you leave for Freehand Miami. With these in the bag, who cares if you forget your pants?

1. Swimsuit. The fact is that with Miami Beach’s perfect weather, you could live in your suit 24/7 and no one would bat an eye. We also happen to have a backyard pool where you can cool off or just show off anytime, as long as you’ve got the swimwear for it.

2. Sunglasses. A no brainer. Just don’t wear them to a club.

3. Thongs. No, not that kind, unless it’s your style—no judgment. We’re talking about flip flops. You’d be surprised by how many city-dwellers forget to bring them along (0r in our case, only one).

4. Workout Apparel. Hear us out: We’ve got an incredibly relaxing beach yoga class every Saturday afternoon (to help you get Friday night out of your system), and you can grab one of our classic beach-cruiser bicycles and embark on a ride recommended by local cycling pro Conrad Gomez.

5. Grooming devices. Don’t worry, you can find all your basic hygiene supplies for sale at the front desk, but ladies, if you like to blow out those luscious locks, or guys, if you depend on your Braun Series 7 to get that perfect, close shave, be sure to grab ‘em before you go.

See you when you get here!