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Borscht Film Festival

Weekly Happenings: Borscht Film Fest + Backyard BBQ


On Thursday night, we hosted a double-header Borscht Film Festival after-party and Secret Celluloid Society screening, and on Saturday we kicked off our weekly Backyard BBQ series by Chef Jeremiah. Here are the Insta-highlights from our guests. Thanks guys!

Thursday night we all gathered for Grolsch after “FutureHistory” at New World Symphony. (@grolschmiami)

Our very own fun-loving DJ Brett Hauser drank a bottle of beer bigger than his head. (@grolschmiami)

Then, we got our own “SuperFuzz” screening going, with our signature poolside lighting design. (@grolschmiami)

But mostly, we just hung out with friends and showed off our best ironic T-Shirts and glasses. (@grolschmiami)

By Saturday, we were ready for more. Luckily, the rain cleared up just in time for us to get our eat on. (@freehandmiami)

And man, did we ever. Get in our face juicy, grilled deliciousness. (@freehandmiami)

And, again. Just to rub it in. (@mrjazen)

Meanwhile, the talented Brendan O’Hara serenaded us like a true troubadour. (@eladzvi)

Did we mention that we were all in a great mood? (@coleenvalente)