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Welcome home to DTLA

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We have a new home in Downtown Los Angeles, and that means we’ve got new home turf to share.

LA is the city of the stars, and an epic tangled net of freeways, but DTLA is its own world – a city within a city (metacity?). Down here we get the arty, party vibes without having to leave the neighborhood. Come explore with us.



The whole zone – with neon signs, all gold everything window displays, and old-school signwriting – is super Insta-worthy, but there are a few spots to actually shop in.

For contemporary and classy, we like Oscar’s Design Jewelry because their bling sits right on the line without ever hitting ‘over the top’ (plus it’s guilt free because it’s ethically sourced). And for vintage-inspired and true vintage, it has got to be SN Queens.

The Broad was only opened in 2015, but already it has erased almost anything else we ever knew about Bunker Hill from our brains. Now, all we know is that you have to go there.

Yeah, it’s an art museum but we don’t just love it because #culture. We love it because it makes culture feel real. And there’s lines around the block for it every day. And it’s free!




Turns out the difference between a boring post-industrial neighborhood and a rad-as-ever district is artists + street art. DTLA’s arts district has loads of both.

We like to wander down there, because adventures are fun, but it’s good to have somewhere to start.

There’s a big Shepard Fairey piece just down the way from the corner of East 3rd and Traction. From there, #followyourheart. Ha. Or go to The Spirit Guild, Blacktop Coffee, and A+D Museum, and keep your eye (and phone camera – #vsco) trained on the murals on the streets in between.




Little Tokyo is blowing up, and so are our waistlines.

Find us in the neighborhood at all hours. Catch us slurping noodles at Men Oh Tokushima Ramen at noon, and filling our faces in Baldoria as night falls.

And, while Little Tokyo is on the rise we don’t want those who built it up to get left behind – so in the mornings we visit the Fugetsu Do sweet shop for some of that old-school mochi gold. Trust us, they’re doing us the favor – not the other way around.