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Visit Chicago’s comedy hotspot: Zanies Comedy Club

Published On: March 23, 2023Categories: Comedy Shows, Tourist attractionsTags:

Not to be totally cheesy but it really is true that laughter is the best medicine. Few things can bring people together quite like a good laugh and whether you’re a fan of observational humor, political satire or just good old-fashioned storytelling, there’s something truly magical about the experience of live comedy.

For comedy fans visiting Chicago, there’s no better place to get your fix than Zanies Comedy Club. This iconic venue has been a staple of Chicago’s comedy scene for over 40 years and its intimate size, friendly atmosphere and top-notch talent make it a must-visit spot for anyone looking to experience the best that comedy has to offer.

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What kind of vibe can I expect at Zanies Comedy Club?

At Zanies, the focus is on creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that encourages audience members to let loose and have fun. The club’s size and low-key vibe make it feel like a home away from home, where everyone is welcome and everyone is in on the joke.

What acts perform at Zanies Comedy Club?

The club’s roots in Chicago’s comedy scene run deep, with legendary performers like Bill Murray, Richard Lewis, and Jay Leno all having graced its stage over the years. And today, Zanies continues to be a vital part of the city’s thriving comedy community.

The club’s calendar is packed with regular shows featuring some of the biggest names in comedy, as well as themed events and showcases that highlight up-and-coming talent. Whether you’re in the mood for observational humor, political satire, or good old-fashioned storytelling, you’re sure to find something that suits your sense of humor.

When is it open?

Zanies Comedy Club is open Monday to Thursday between 7-9:30pm, Friday between 6-10:30pm, Saturday between 6pm-12:30am and Sunday between 6-8:30pm.

How much are tickets?

Ticket prices vary depending on the act you want to see but they can start from $10 per person. We really recommend booking in advance via their website as tickets often sell out – especially on weekends – and we’d hate for you to try your luck at the door and be disappointed.

How far is Zanies Comedy Club from Freehand Chicago?

If you’re planning on visiting Zanies Comedy Club while staying at Freehand Chicago (and you totally should!), the journey takes around 10 mins via taxi and 20 minutes via public transportation. If you fancy a stroll, it takes around 30 minutes to walk from our doorstep.

No matter what brings you to Zanies Comedy Club, you’re sure to leave with a huge smile on your face and a whole lot of laughs. This popular venue is a testament to the power of comedy to bring people together, build community and create lasting memories. So grab some friends, book a table and get ready to enjoy a night of comedy that you won’t forget in a hurry.