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Here’s why you need to add 360 Chicago to your bucket list

Published On: April 21, 2023Categories: Bars and pub, Going out, Monuments, Tourist attractionsTags:

Whether you’re seeking an iconic Instagram photo opportunity or simply looking to soak in panoramic views of Chicago’s skyline, you can’t miss the 360 Chicago Observation Deck.

Located on the 94th floor of the iconic John Hancock Center, this breathtaking observation deck offers stunning 360-degree views of Chicago’s skyline, Lake Michigan, and beyond.

What is visiting the 360 Chicago Observation Deck like?

From the moment you step off the elevator and onto the observation deck, it’s pretty hard to not be blown away by the views and with floor-to-ceiling windows, it literally feels like you’re floating above the city (but in a good way, we promise…).


But the views are just the beginning of what makes 360 Chicago so special. The observation deck also features a range of interactive exhibits and experiences that provide information and history about the city’s landmarks and neighborhoods – the perfect opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation for the unique character and charm of the Windy City.

360 Chicago is also home to the city’s highest thrill ride – The Tilt – which allows you to step into a glass enclosure that tilts out over the city, giving you a stomach-dropping sensation of being suspended in midair. It’s an unforgettable way (to say the least) to experience the city – we’ll leave it up to you whether you decide to go for it.

The observatory has some of the best views of The Willis Tower, Lake Point Tower and Aon Center – you seriously don’t want to miss it. 

Are there events at 360 Chicago Observation Deck?

Yes! From live music performances to themed cocktail parties, there’s always something happening at 360 Chicago. Check out their website for more details here.

Is there a bar at 360 Chicago?

Only the famous Cloud Bar! Their 18 seat bar celebrates the 77 neighborhoods with a locally inspired menu and illustrations from renowned Chicago street artist—Lauren Asta. It’s open 9am-11pm daily, you can enter with a general admission ticket and stay as long as you like.

We can’t think of much else we’d rather do than be sipping a cocktail and looking out onto the Chicago skyline – meet you there?

Do I need a ticket to get into 360 Chicago?

Yes, you do – ticket prices can be found here (and children under 3 can enter for free). A GA ticket gets you admission to the observation deck. This includes access to the Skywalk, Cloud Bar, the ability to use the interactive touchscreens, and the chance to purchase a ticket to TILT.

We recommend arriving first thing in the morning for the shortest lines and fewest crowds.

Should I visit 360 Chicago or Skydeck Chicago?

Both 360 Chicago and Skydeck Chicago are great spots to visit during your time in the city and we definitely recommend heading to at least one of them.

360 Chicago Observation Deck is located in the John Hancock Center and offers stunning 360-degree views of the city, as well as interactive exhibits and experiences such as the Tilt experience, where you can lean out over the city from a glass enclosure.

Skydeck Chicago at Willis Tower offers similar stunning views of Chicago’s skyline, but from a higher vantage point, as it is located on the 103rd floor of the building. Skydeck Chicago also offers an interactive museum, exhibits on Chicago’s history and the famous Ledge, a glass box you can step into that extends out from the building’s side.

Ultimately, which one you choose to visit depends on your personal preferences and schedule – we simply can’t pick a favorite! 

How do you get to the 360 Chicago?

360 CHICAGO is located on the 94th floor of 875 N Michigan Avenue, formerly the John Hancock Center in the heart of Chicago’s famous Magnificent Mile shopping district. From Freehand Chicago, you can get there as follows:

  • 14 minute walk from our doorstep
  • 5 minute taxi ride
  • 11 minute bus ride – catch the 147 Howard Station bus from Michigan & Ontario stop and hop off at Michigan & Chestnut. From here, it’s a 1 minute walk to 360 Chicago. 

Whether you’re a longtime Chicago resident or a first-time visitor, 360 Chicago is a must-see spot to head to and experience  the Windy City in all its glory. So add it to your bucket list today, and get ready to take your Chicago experience to new heights during your stay at Freehand Chicago.