SPIN New York 23 – The Ultimate Paradise For Ping Pong

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Looking for a unique place to head with mates or on a date? Enter Spin New York 23.

Just a few steps away from Madison Square Park, Spin New York 23 is an iconic 14,000 square foot ping-pong social club where literally everyone wants to be seen… and no one wants to lose at.

Think unlimited ping pong balls, good food, great drinks, a banging playlist and the best vibe. Sound good? Keep scrolling for the low-down on everything you need for preparing for your visit to SPIN…

What Is There To Do At SPIN New York 23?

Well, aside from playing ping pong? There’s a full-service restaurant and bar serving up American comfort food favorites with a twist. Think burgers, mac ‘n’ cheese and chicken wings – but make it gourmet. And the drinks menu? It has everything from local beers on tap to expertly crafted cocktails.

If you’re looking to really let loose, there’s a private karaoke room where you can belt out your favorite tunes with friends. Trust us, it’s way more fun than singing in the shower.

Concerned about your ping pong skills? Don’t worry, there are professionals on hand to give you one-on-one instruction.

And if you’re heading to SPIN alone, you can go to Players’ Night on Fridays at 10pm where you can watch or participate in a communal ping pong show and get to know others

Do I need to book?

Whether you’re heading solo, going with a couple of mates or visiting with a huge group of you, you can book or do walk-ins at SPIN – the bigger the party, the more we’d recommend booking in advance.

Do I need to be a member to visit?

Although monthly membership is offered to those who are visiting a lot, you absolutely don’t need membership to enter. There are weekly tournaments and a seasonal Social League happening too for those who like to get a little competitive.

How Much Does It Cost To Visit SPIN New York 23?

Prices vary depending on what you’re looking to do. For example, a walk-in game of ping pong costs $20 per person while a private room rental starts at $200 for the first hour.

Where is SPIN New York 23?

SPIN New York 23 is located at 48 E. 23rd St. New York, NY 10010 (Between Madison & Park), and 7 E. 54th St. New York, NY 10022 (Between 5th and Madison).

How Do I Get There From Freehand New York?

If you’re planning on having a few rounds of craft cocktails at SPIN, then you’ll be pleased to read that you can stroll down the street, and you’ll be home at Freehand New York in just a few minutes.

  • Walk (approx 4 mins): Head out of the doors at Freehand New York and walk south-west on Lexington Avenue towards East 23rd Street. Turn right onto East 23rd Street, and you’ll be at SPIN.
  • Taxi (approx 2 mins)