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Everything You Need To Know About The Broad in Los Angeles…

Published On: January 11, 2023Categories: Museums, Tourist attractionsTags:

Image source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:The_Broad_LA_2017.jpg

The first thing you need to know about The Broad is that it’s mind-blowing – and no, we promise we’re not overreacting.

From its stunning architectural design on the exterior of the building to the featured art housed inside, a trip to LA’s go-to art spot is a must. If you’re a diehard art lover who’s visiting Los Angeles this fall, you need to make sure you add The Broad to your travel bucket list.

Learn everything you need to know about visiting The Broad below including what to see, ticket information and how to get there from Freehand LA.

What to see at The Broad

Located right in the heart of DTLA, The Broad first opened in September 2015. The modern art museum has over 2,000 art pieces housed inside the building, meaning there’s plenty of contemporary art for you to marvel at.

One of The Broad’s most famous exhibits – The Infinity Room – is by far one of the most impressive art installations you’ll ever see. Created by Yayoi Kusama, these two infinity mirror rooms create a mini-universe with a collection of mirrors and LED strobe lights. Once you step into the dark 163 1/2 × 163 1/2 inch space, you’ll be hypnotized by the wonder of the boundless, twinkling galaxies – it’s definitely one not to miss.

But that’s not all as the exterior of the venue itself is equally as impressive as the multitude of artwork inside. This is thanks to the architectural design of The Broad’s exterior which resembles a ‘honeycomb-like’ criss-cross pattern.

If you’re wondering how much time you’ll spend there, we estimate it will take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.

Is it free?

Yep! Entry to The Broad is completely free, however…

You need to book a ticket to gain access to the museum and obtaining admission tickets to The Broad is slightly trickier compared to other art museums in the city.

You’ll need to reserve your ticket in advance on The Broad’s website but note that the wait is pretty long (around 1 month). Plus, if you want to see the famous Infinity Room exhibition, you need to reserve a separate ticket as well as the General Admission one. If you want to visit the museum in the ‘spur of the moment’ on the day, you can always wait on standby for tickets.

Some special exhibitions are paid admission and you can expect to pay around $12 for entry.

Are there any rules?

There are a few house rules to consider when visiting The Broad, including:

  • Don’t touch the art (duh!)
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the museum.
  • Keep cell phones and other devices on silent. Taking calls is limited to non-gallery spaces at the museum.
  • Proper attire, including shoes and shirts, must be worn at all times.
  • No food or beverages are allowed – but the museum does have an onsite restaurant (Otium) you can dine at.

How far is The Broad from Freehand LA?

If you’re planning a trip to The Broad during your stay at Freehand Los Angeles, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s just a short distance from our hotel. There are a few options you have to reach the art museum:

  • Walk (approx 20 mins): Head north-west on W 8th Street towards S Olive Street. Turn right onto S Grand Ave. Keep walking until you reach The Broad on your left.
  • Taxi (approx 3/4 minutes)
  • Bus (8 minutes including walking): Catch the number 14 bus from Olive/8th to the Olive/General Thaddeus Kosciuszko stop.

Is there parking?

Parking is available in a lot under the museum. Rates are $17 for 3 hours with museum validation, and $5 for each additional 15 minutes, with a $27 daily maximum.