How to Make Your Own Zine: DIY with artist Matt McCormick

Start Date: December 28, 2018 @ 3:00 pm

We are excited to introduce our “How to….” series at The Freehand hotel.
This series will launch with a “How to Make Your Own Zine: DIY” with LA based artist Matthew McCormick.

A Zine is an inexpensively produced, self-published underground publication.

Zines have served as a significant medium of communication in various subcultures, like punk music, skateboarding, and graffiti and underground art circles and frequently draw inspiration from a DIY ethos that disregards the traditional conventions of professional design and publishing.  Handmade zines are made by their creators, emphasizing personal connection between creator and reader, turning imagined communities into embodied ones. Materials include Polaroids, cut up magazines, paint, paper needle and thread… and whatever the creators’ imaginations’ desires.

Matt creates a whole world within his paintings and books and on Friday, December 28th, he will teach a class on how other people can too.  We provide all the tools and materials necessary to create. Polaroid camera and film, collage materials, book binding materials, pens, pencils, scanner and printer.

To Sign Up, Please Email:

About Matt:
Matt McCormick (b. 1987) is a multimedia artist, whose artwork assimilates a diversity of cultural influences culled from the American West into an artistic vision that is as unique and dynamic as the topography itself.  Within McCormick’s body of work, seemingly incompatible elements cohabit with ease—reflecting the conflicting histories of California, McCormick’s home state.
Here, as in his paintings and drawings, nostalgia for a fabled past abuts the realities of poverty and strife that confront him daily in Downtown Los Angeles, where his studio is located.

Matt lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in New York, Hong Kong, Miami, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Aspen, and San Francisco.