Vintage Cars and California Dreaming with House InHabit

Start Date: July 3, 2019 @ 8:00 am

We like to think of Jessica Kraus — also known by her blog name, House Inhabit — as the new generation of mommy blogger. We love her humor, her personal style, and her eye for a beautiful vintage car. Jessica and her family hung out with us at Freehand LA and filmed our Family Stay video with us. As we watched the Kraus family unload their vintage passenger van, we got to know got each other. Watch the video here and read more below!

Freehand LA: When did you launch House Inhabit? What inspired you to start blogging and Instagramming and when did you notice you were gaining a following?

Jessica Kraus: So I started blogging around 2011 as a creative outlet after college. I had three kids at home and wanted to continue writing, and the blog felt like a fun and natural forum to document aspects of life with young children. I signed on to Instagram early on, when it was new and genuine. I had no idea what it would become. I just enjoyed being connected and sharing bits and pieces of daily life. I gained a supportive following during this time. Back then, it was easier to stand out, and I suppose the boys and all the old cars and the camping adventures helped garner a certain intrigue. All in all it’s been a very positive influence for us. We’ve been given some pretty incredible opportunities because of the exposure social media has given us.


FHLA: One of the amazing parts of your account is that it’s the collective story of your family and life in California. Can you tell us a bit about the Kraus family?

JK: We are a household of four boys, all extremely different in way every imaginable. Arlo is 13, Leon is 10, Rex is 9 and Hayes is 5. They all have varying personalities and interests, so we’re always trying our best to entertain each of them. I would say the Kraus family is best defined by a shared love of good music, vintage cars, and surf.


FHLA: One of the things I noticed when I me you is that you’re SO present and almost never on your phone! When do you find time to document it all and live in the moment?

JK: Well the phone makes it so easy. Like everyone else, I can be on it too much, but I make an effort not to be. I also try to only document my family in its natural state. I’ve never forced anything for photos, or made people do things they wouldn’t normally do because I’m not a big fan of staged family photos in general. I like sharing things in real time, untouched and unforced.


FHLA: For those that are looking to travel and adventure with their families, do you have any tips for traveling with kids?

JK: I think the biggest thing is to just let go of all expectations. Embrace the experience and go with the flow. Otherwise it’s too much stress to ever be enjoyable.


FHLA: To close this out with a page from your book, what are three things you’re currently into?

JK: Hydra Greece interiors, Flamenco music, teaching myself and my kids to cook.